Health professionals bridge science and community, and translate science for community wellbeing. Our mission is to strengthen bridges through education, equipping practitioners with skills to develop and use evidence. Students will acquire basic knowledge in epidemiology, biostatistics and qualitative analysis and develop practical skills applying evidence to promote people’s health. Major research areas are family planning, parenting support, capacity building of health professionals and health literacy.





Aya Goto is a Professor of Health Information and Epidemiology at Center for Integrated Science and Humanities of Fukushima Medical University. Dr. Goto’s main research interests are the prevention of unintended pregnancy and parenting support. Her translational research over the past 15 years has been conducted in tight collaboration with local communities in Fukushima and Ho Chi Minh City and is combined with the capacity building of local health care professionals in maternal and child health care, as well as epidemiology. Her projects bridge science and local communities, as well as developing and developed countries in Asia.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Dr. Goto has been working closely with public health nurses in Fukushima city, helping them respond appropriately to concerns among parents of small children about elevated background radiation. Recently, their focus is on promotion of health literacy. She also manages parenting support services, based on epidemiological data collected from the Fukushima Health Management Survey.


  • 1995年 山形大学医学部卒
  • 1998年 ハーバード公衆衛生大学院修士課程修了
  • 2000年 山形大学大学院医学研究科博士課程修了
  • 2000-2001年(11か月) ポピュレーションカウンシル・ベトナム支部
  • 2002-2016年3月 福島県立医科大学医学部公衆衛生学講座
  • 2012-2013年(10か月) ハーバード公衆衛生大学院武見プログラム
  • 2016年4月- 福島県立医科大学総合科学教育研究センター




Center for Integrated Science and Humanities of Fukushima Medical University aims to equip future health professionals with basic knowledge and skills to respond to health issues in a multi-disciplinary approach. Faculty are from various areas including health information, psychology, sociology, law, foreign languages and basic sciences.