We offer health information and epidemiology courses in nursing education and MS and PhD programs for students who are prospective key actors in improving the health system. All courses are intensive, combining lectures and exercises. Students learn practical knowledge and skills to develop and use evidence.
● How to collect and analyze community and hospital data
● How to apply findings to promote people’s health
Our education activities go beyond university education. We organize training workshops for public health practitioners in Fukushima and doctors in Vietnam.



Courses and trainings 講義と研修

Nursing School: Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Information Lab
Medical School: Public Health (MCH & Global Health)
Nursing Graduate School (MS): Health Information
Medical Graduate School (PhD): International Community Health

For public health nurses in Fukushima: Health literacy workshop

For clinicians in Vietnam: Epidemiological research training

大学:看護学部 疫学・統計、医学部 母子保健・国際保健
大学院:看護学修士課程 健康情報、医学博士課程 国際地域保健学
※医学博士課程国際地域保健学(4年間)定員4人 募集中!


Research meeting schedule 勉強会

Thursday 木曜日 16:30-18:00