Health literacy for health professionals & summer activities

Here is a list of our recent publications on health literacy promotion for health professionals.
HL workshop planning and implementation
HL workshop evaluation (one-month)
HL workshop evaluation (one-year)
Seizon Kagaku 2016; 27(2): 191-208.
HL overview
HL tools in JPN

In August, one graduate student (Mr. Yoshida) will be working in Cambodia and another student (Ms. Watanabe) in Vietnam.
Health promotion activity with children at CJFS School!/2013/04/blog-post.html
EBM promotion for physicians (JICA)

Expanding the work with children
The project with Lancaster University on discussing with children about community development is on-going and expanding. Before Dr. Lloyd William's return visit to Fukushima (Nov 2017), I had a chance to meet with those children whom we worked with last year.